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With the simple company breakdown used in CentralizedNerv you can manage staff by departments and locations.

What is CentralizedNerv?

CentralizedNerv is a free web management interface trying to tackle the boundary of tracking/managing employees in a business, group, and freelance environment. This entails tackling time tracking, location/department branching, and project management in any environment.

While CentralizedNerv is currently in alpha development. We are hoping to expand over more areas in these environments, but before we can do that we have to hit the major areas first!

Update October 23, 2015

We are back into developing CentralizedNerv. After a couple month break we are back, updating, planning and pushing CentralizedNerv live! For the status of our timeline and idea of how our production is flowing check down below for CentralizedNerv timeline.

Update June 13, 2015

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Update June 2, 2015

Have not finalized a design in which will allow for the best accessibility. We are sorry for the delay.

Would Like to Announce the Features that will be Released in Beta.

- API (For Custom Software)
- Time Clock (Clock-In and Out along with Approve Timesheets)
- Projects (Managed Details about your projects)
- Company Profile (Setup Page, Social Links, Description and Network IPs)
- Access Control (Breakdown the access to locations, and modules (example: projects, timesheet, reports, etc))

Update May 8, 2015

Found a security flaw in privileges will be releasing later this month in beta once this flaw has been corrected.

Centralized Timeline

Accessibility Plan

Design and Flow Reworked

October 28, 2015

Design Integration

Implementation of Design

November 2, 2015

Permissions Setup

Remodeling of Permission Tree

November 4, 2015

Admin Panel

Administrator Panel Finalized

November 4, 2015

API Standard

Back-end access Finalized

November 9, 2015

Project Transition

Project Flow Rebuilt

November 12, 2015

Time Clock Plan

Tweaks and Patches

November 12, 2015

Company Plan

Additions and Patches

November 17, 2015

Timesheet Panel

Timesheet Reworked

November 20, 2015

Reports Review

Reviewing Report Flow

November 25, 2015

Open Beta

System opens up to the public.

November 30, 2015